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@ 05:46 PM (61 months, 24 days ago)

at 1:55 complete with hand signs too....the message is good too.

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  1. Is it possible to laugh so hard that you cry, but not out of laughter?

    1. I cannot emphasize the spraying of the lysol in the bathroom enough. (what I wouldn't give....)
    2. They should've included air freshener on the bedside table
    3. Mullet guy in the back is the icing on the cake

    Comment by Jen— 2010/02/25 @ 08:58 PM — (Reply)

  2. Our church showed this on Valentine's Day. I thought it was hilarious too.

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/02/26 @ 04:10 AM — (Reply)

  3. EB, where ya' been? Come back, EB.

    Comment by Burns— 2010/04/04 @ 07:38 PM — (Reply)

  4. burnsy, I'm going to college full time and working full time. My sister also has been fighting breast cancer, so I just have had to cut some things out. Maybe when the semester ends I'll be back to blogging a little. Thanks.

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/04/05 @ 05:10 AM — (Reply)

  5. Best wishes, EB. You've got your priorities straight.

    Comment by Burns— 2010/04/05 @ 07:45 AM — (Reply)

  6. Sorry to hear about your sister ! my neighbors wife came down with some kind of breast cancer and she beat it . I not sure what they did for her and i try to not bring it up again. im just glad for her and him . I saw a news article on tv. A kid had a wrist ban he recieved from the komen walk. it said that he had to remove the arm /wrist band because it had the word "Titties" on it. The tv news showed the band and I didnt think it was offensive !

    Comment by jim— 2010/04/05 @ 09:45 AM — (Reply)

  7. You should put a little sumpin' sumpin' on the turn table while we wait. :smile:

    Take care of you in the midst of the busy-ness, ElBro!!

    Comment by Jen— 2010/04/08 @ 10:02 AM — (Reply)

  8. That's wonderful. Makes me think of things I wish I had heeded "DON'T" to six months ago and before. That's not so wonderful.
    Good luck with all your busy-ness, Elbro...am thinking of Elmer and praying things will go as good as the prognosis says. I'd write more, but I just saw my word verification is GABBY. Oops xxx

    Comment by Z— 2010/04/21 @ 08:52 AM — (Reply)

  9. Dear Elmer Bros. This is a very sad but true (the song), they must have found the 'daughter school handbook'. ;)

    I'm going to be praying for your sister to be cured and for you to get great grades.

    I know it's been a while since I've commented, but I've been busy with the Tea Parties, running for Congress, dropping out of the run for Congress, and more Tea Parties and LAGOP functions. Whew. Have a blessed day.

    Comment by Rosemary— 2010/04/27 @ 11:32 AM — (Reply)

  10. well thank you Rosemary and GM. I appreciate hearing from you and so glad GM that God saw fit to make you well.

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/04/27 @ 01:09 PM — (Reply)

  11. fj? is that you?

    Comment by elmers brother— 2010/05/01 @ 10:11 AM — (Reply)

  12. Biggest dork on the net.

    Comment by Elmer's Mother— 2010/05/03 @ 12:02 PM — (Reply)

  13. what's up duggy?

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/05/03 @ 04:59 PM — (Reply)

  14. Are you sure that was duggy (second biggest fag on the net) or was it pino (biggest fag on the net)?

    Comment by Ed— 2010/05/07 @ 11:36 AM — (Reply)

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