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On the Turntable - Smashing Pumpkins

@ 03:31 PM (60 months, 4 days ago)

oh to be 16 again

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  1. Ahhh! Dig Smashing Pumpkins. Never saw them live, though.

    Silversun Pickups are coming to town, and they remind me of the Pumpkins.

    Comment by Jen— 2010/02/20 @ 10:13 PM — (Reply)

  2. Good tunes...

    Comment by FJ— 2010/02/21 @ 02:34 PM — (Reply)

  3. I would have found a better time to post his...considering I got an Etta James double CD yesterday BUT...I would often hear this song and had NO IDEA who did it

    finally yesterday I noted the time and checked the station playlist and there it was

    it's the only Smashing Pumpkins song I know

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/02/21 @ 09:55 PM — (Reply)

  4. Boy, I messed that up!

    I tried to give you the links to three well-known SP songs.
    Cherub ROck, Mayonaise, and Today.

    I love their music, but Billy Corgan wrote a lot of it while depressed, and I feel it! Oddly, that's what I'm drawn to time and again.

    Comment by Jen— 2010/02/23 @ 06:33 AM — (Reply)

  5. Just wanted to explain my recent absense... my uncle installed a new web filter that blocks your URL, so I can only get you when I'm home w/the kiddies. There must be "adult" content around that attracts lollygaggers.

    Comment by FJ— 2010/02/24 @ 02:45 PM — (Reply)

  6. well I did miss you FJ.

    Comment by Elmers Brother— 2010/02/24 @ 04:55 PM — (Reply)

  7. Thanks, EB. Music should be a part of evertone's life and I listen so little, any more. Tried to comment your other psot but it wouldn't let me.

    Comment by Burns— 2010/03/14 @ 09:02 PM — (Reply)

  8. :razz:

    Comment by Michael— 2013/06/06 @ 11:17 AM — (Reply)

  9. nothing beats old school music! thanks dude!

    Comment by Curtis— 2013/07/19 @ 09:05 AM — (Reply)

  10. nothing beats old school music! thanks dude!

    Comment by Curtis— 2013/07/19 @ 09:06 AM — (Reply)

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